At Designer Tech Software, it is vital for us to remain on the cutting-edge of technology advancements. Whether it is directly related to software or not, any evolvement in technology will have a trickle down effect on the products that we provide for our customers. In doing so, we enable our product lines to stay dynamic, changing with the times in order to best satisfy both our new and long-standing clients. With that said, today marks the first day of the WWDC 2012 (World Wide Developers Conference 2012).

In this remarkable Conference, developers and coders have the opportunity to speak directly with Apple’s engineers to learn more about upcoming advancements, developments, etc. In addition, the WWDC 2012 also offers attendees an excellent chance to dive deep into trending concepts, new software developments, and unmatched networking. Those attending the WWDC 2012 will have a chance to hear from Apple’s Tim Cook about their plans for the upcoming year. To take matters even further, Cook will be revealing some exciting new hardware. Since the event kicks off today, Designer Tech Software has put together a list of our favorite blogs that will be live-blogging from the event. Monitor these blogs for the most current updates on all the action going on at the WWDC 2012:

1. CNET’s live-blog is an excellent WWDC 2012 resource 

2. Live-blog brought to you by engadget 

3. The Wall Street Journal’s live WWDC 2012 blog 

4. Gizmodo live-blogging here 

5. brings you this phenomenal live-blog 

6. Check out TechCrunch's all-encompassing live-blog

Stay tuned for more updates on WWDC 2012. For more information, contact Designer Tech Software today!