The release of Adobe’s CS6 was met with great excitement. After years of slight changes, Adobe’s newest Creative Suite has truly made successful strides. Boosting capabilities within current product lines and programs, as well as creating additional programs to augment the set, has combined to make CS6 a serious force in the software world. However, with new software and extended capabilities comes a ton of questions. What are the new best practices for Photoshop? How can I make the most out of 3D effects? And the list goes on.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 10 Adobe CS6 tutorials. Aggregating this content has proven helpful to countless designers. Enjoy!

1.     Digital Arts’ Photoshop Guide

2.     Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

3.     Motion Works After Effects Guide

4.     Poster Creation Using CS6

5.     Photoshop Blur Guide

6.     Colorize Black and White

7.     Layers Management

8.     Beginner’s Guide

9.     Text Manipulation

10.   Color Splash Effect

Hopefully these tutorials will give you a better understanding of the power within Adobe’s CS6. For questions, concerns, or the latest software on the market, contact Designer Tech Software today!